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Blinkies & dividers

stamps here

Not all of these are according to my personal style, some are just objectively good :)

Dividers can look very different when you resize them, so if you thought it will look good, but it doesn't, try resizing :)

might add more in the future

Blinkies (from,, glitter-graphics and deviantart)




Dividers (from glitter-graphics)

(by SileentDo)

♡ Hopefully this post was helpful ♡

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liz ・ 。゚★: *.✦ .

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how do i add these to my profile ? D:

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use the code here
right click on the one you like to copy image link and replace the link in the code
add code to about me

by CoffinScreams; ; Report

♡ berry ♡

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SO MANY!! ty for posting these ur a hero!!!!!!!!

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Using some of these, ty!!

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