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intro !!


name: jade !!
nickname: jadey
age: 21
pronouns: he/him/she/her
birthday: 12/01/2001
siblings: 1 sister
straight/bi/gay: bi
job: digital artist + clothing reseller


hair color: black with a bleached streak in my bangs!
eye color: blue
height: 5'2"
ethnicity: ashkenazi/melungeon
look like a celeb: ive been compared to zooey deschanel twice but i dont know if i see it
dye your hair: yes!
have bangs: yes i have a fringe! :P
have braces: no
wear glasses: cosmetic ones
wear contacts: yes
piercings: n/a
tattoos: n/a


Color: green, blue, pink, yellow, pastel rainbow
Movie: the cat returns or puss in boots: the last wish !!
TV show: my little pony: friendship is magic, invincible, house md
animal: frogs, dogs, cats, bunnies!
drink: strawberry lemonade, matcha green tea, iced coffee :3
food: s'mores, sushi
alcoholic drink: rumchata
day of the week: saturday! shabbat shalom :)
season: winter or spring
song: paradise by coldplay!
sport: soccer
restaurant: i cant say this without doxxing myself
teacher: mrs. davis
subject: science! chemistry specifically
holiday: rosh hashanah or purim
book: warrior cats: into the wild
magazine: i dont really read magazines!!
flower: sunflowers!
memory: when my partner and i first started dating i told him my favorite food was s'mores and that i never really got to have it because its a "campfire food" and he proceeded to chop firewood for me, make a firepit, get little lawnchairs, and we had a little campfire date. we ate s'mores and hot dogs by the fire :) that's my happiest memory!!!


person you hugged: my partner!
thing you said: probably "move, cat"
thing you ate: chobani peach yogurt
texted: my partner
you called: my partner + my friend zach
called you: my dad
person you saw: my partner
you had a long conversation with: my partner (we are discussing buying a 3d printer right now)


summer or winter: winter
cats or dogs: cats 
Pepsi or Coke: i hate soda
cell phone or Ipod: cell phone 
ocean or pool: pool
black or white: white
chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
flowers or candy: flowers
rock or rap: rock
TV or movie: tv
AIM or MySpace: myspace
stars or hearts: stars
bracelets or necklaces: bracelets
gold or silver: silver
kisses or hugs: kisses
pen or pencil: pen


smoked: no
stayed home from school: i am an adult
been to the mall: no
bought a book: no
been to a show/concert: no  
yelled at someone: yes! my d&d character was furious!
got into a fight/argument: yes, also in character!
cried to a friend: no
told the truth: yes


TV: no
your own phone: yes
your own phone line: yes
VCR: no
DVD player: no
radio: no
computer: no, i have an office!
posters: yes
of what?: my partner and i's d&d characters! it was a commission
pictures: no
of who?: nothing


taken or single: taken
got a crush: on my partner sure :3

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