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I guess I will do this survey too!

Name: My IRL name is Harper. Only people I know IRL call me that.

Nickname: Online, I go by Red and/or Broski exclusively! IRL, I have Harpoon, Jake, Jakey, and Maverick. But it's mostly family who calls me that. Friends just use Harp or my name.

Zodiac: Aquarius! Air sign, baby! 

Current location: Sitting in my bed in my room

Eye color: Light brown, they kinda look gold in the sun.

Hair color: Naturally dark brown, but I've been dying it a light copper since I was in middle school.

Hair type: Short and curly. We've got lots of afros in the family (not black afros, though, I have no idea what genetics are responsible for our fuzzball heads.) It's just long enough to make a tiny ponytail a couple inches in length when I scrunch my hair up.

What's your middle name?: I don't have one...

Your fear: Dying, or becoming severely injured/disabled (again...). I've been through a lot. Life has not been very kind, and now the slightest inconvenience like a pulled muscle gives me terrible anxiety and depression, because I really don't wanna end up living like that again.

First thing you thought when you woke up: "Is that stupid guy revving up his motorcycle AGAIN? It's 7 in the morning! What an asshole!"

Pepsi or Coke?: Neither! I don't drink soda. 

McDonald's or Burger King?: Burger King, I like Whoppers. I eat at McDonald's maybe once or twice a year, and it's always reluctantly.

What is the last song you sang?: Okay, this is going to be embarassing.... "I Want it That Way" by The Backstreet Boys. IT WAS STUCK IN MY HEAD. I haven't even heard it since middle school, but it decided to emerge like a zombie.

Pet peeve: Ugh, where do I even begin. I've gotta say that my biggest one is entitled people, and people who try to put everyone else down to make themselves look good. ESPECIALLY the "Not Like Other Girls" crowd. I just encountered one of them yesterday, and I'm still bamboozled that someone with that mentality can actually exist.

Do you sing?: Only when I'm alone, and I sound terrible, like a dying animal.

Do you want to go to college?: Not anymore, please get me out of heeeeere. This is my last year before I get my bachelor's in business. Flight school is way more fun, I'm doing both at the same time and I can gladly say that flight school is the much better option.

Have you ever been in love?: I mean yeah, but not in a physical way. I've only felt a deep love towards one person before, and it was never physical, never felt the need to be. I would like to fall in love with someone like that again, but I don't know if it will ever happen again.

Do you want to get married?: Not really, unless it's with my best friend for tax breaks.

Do you believe in yourself?: Yeah, I always find a way to manage, somehow. I don't really believe in myself when it comes to my body, though. The thing runs like an old car that breaks down randomly, and I gotta kick it a couple times to get it moving.

Do you believe in others?: Hmmm, I have very bad trust issues. So, nah.

Do you like thunderstorms?: Hell no. They scare me a lot. I always curl up under my blankets like a little bitch.

Do you play an instrument?: Not anymore, but I have played keyboard, violin, and electric guitar. I could probably get back into the keyboard since that one's always been the funnest and easiest for me.

What country would you like to visit?: Finland, easy. I also want to visit Norway, and I really wanted to visit Ukraine before... All of that started to happen over there.

How many CD's do you own?: Uh.... Three. I have the original Sims and Zoo Tycoon CDs, and I have one CD of a band called Chvrches' first album, "The Bones of What You Believe".

How many piercings do you have?: None, never had any, probably never will. I get chills just thinking about it. I have two tattoos though, and plan to get a couple more before the summer.

How many things in the past do you regret?: Oof... Too many, man.


Shoes: I have a pair of custom black/red Vans that I wear like 99% of the time I go anywhere.

Radio station: Uh... I don't listen to the radio much, but 99.1 KGGI is usually what I set it to when I can't put on my playlist for some reason

Drink: Water! Just plain water.

Car: I dunno shit about cars, I'm more of a plane guy. Speaking of which, my favorite fighter jet is the... .... Oh man, I can't pick a favorite! I love the MiG Fishbed and Fulcrum, I love how goofy the Berkut looks, I love the Spirit and the Nighthawk a LOT, and of course the good ole F-18, F-22, and F-35. And for rotorcraft I like Blackhawks, Chinooks, and the cute lil R-22 because it's just so small ....

Place: I like the beach, and the woods. I also quite like my bed. And... One particular city...

Song: Current favorites are, Mr. Kitty feat Pastel Ghost - Habits, and Rare Americans - Hullabaloo (especially the music video!). But the best music video and epic banger award easily goes to Николай Басков - Зараза (Nikolai Baskov - Zaraza).


Moment: Hmm. Lots of things from the city.. Yeah. 


Meal: Steak. I can cook a banger of a steak that's so good it makes me cry. I use tuscan herb olive oil or garlic olive oil for the pan, cut a flap steak or New York steak into small chunks removing all fat, seasoning with carna asada powder and seasoned salt, then drizzle with a bit of black truffle oil. Pour the remaining juice on any rice or veggies, and it's a gourmet meal.... Ahhh yeah...

Do you think you are attractive?: Nah, I think I have a nice personality though. But I look like a goblin. At least I am a nice goblin!

Are you attracted to someone who does not know it?: Haha.... Yeah.

Who are you thinking of?: For some reason, thinking about Arven from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. But I was also thinking about my best friend a minute ago.

What are you listening to?: Currently, just the sound of house ambience. Faucets, footsteps, dad sipping tea, rain outside. It's quite nice.

Do you love someone?: I don't know. I think so, but, again, it isn't physical.

Does someone love you?: My cats love me.... And my parents, my friends. That's good enough for me!

Is it raining?: Yes!

How many spacehey friends do you have?: Just two right now. Someone I've known for almost 6 years, and someone I just met today! :D

Are you happy?: Yeah! I think so. Overall, yeah. I have some qualms with life, but, I think I'm gonna be alright.

Favorite music artist: Rare Americans and Jack Stauber are both really creative and likeable people!

Aesthetic: Good ole black and red, sleek, futuristic style. I also REALLY love a slow, pulsing red light against a dark background. Radio towers at night are a good example. 

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