Introduction Survey :)


name: Jasmine
nickname: Jas or Jazz
age: 21
pronouns: she/they
birthday: May 3rd, 2001
siblings: one sister
straight/bi/gay: bi 
job: unemployed :(


hair color: Dark brown
eye color: Brown
height: 5'3"
ethnicity: Hispanic
look like a celeb: uhhh idk I can't think of one
dye your hair: I wanna bleach it blonde soon and maybe go pink afterwards
have bangs: yes
have braces: no
wear glasses: no
wear contacts: no 
piercings: 4 ear piercings but they keep getting infected every time I put earrings in so they're probably closed up by now :(
tattoos: I want tattoos so bad but I currently don't have any


Color: pink and sea foam green
Movie: I don't really have a fave movie but I watched Puss In Boots The Last Wish a little while ago and it was really good!!
TV show: I don't really have a fave tv show
animal: bears
drink: grapefruit juice lmao
food: pasta 
alcoholic drink: sangria is so good
day of the week: uhhhh idk all my days blur together and feel the same
season: spring
song: currently obsessed with KDA again specifically Popstars and More
sport: I enjoy tennis and volleyball 
restaurant: Idk but I always wanna go to Panera Bread whenever I go to the mall
teacher: my college English Comp professor who resparked my love of writing :)
subject: Science and math
holiday: Christmas
book: I don't really have one
magazine: I don't read magazines
flower: maybe sunflowers
memory: when I vacationed with my bf for the first time <3


person you hugged: my mom
thing you said: I really don't remember LMAO
thing you ate: a brownie
texted: my bf
you called: my bf
called you: my bf
person you saw: my mom
you had a long conversation with: my bf


summer or winter: summer
cats or dogs: dogs
Pepsi or Coke: Coke
cell phone or Ipod: phone 
ocean or pool: pool
black or white: black
chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
flowers or candy: candy 
rock or rap: rock
TV or movie: movie
AIM or MySpace: I didn't use either of those skull emoji
stars or hearts: both
bracelets or necklaces: necklaces
gold or silver: gold
kisses or hugs: hugs 
pen or pencil: pen


smoked: no
stayed home from school: I don't go to school anymore
been to the mall: yeah the weekend before Valentine's day
bought a book: no
been to a show/concert: no  
yelled at someone: no
got into a fight/argument: yes
cried to a friend: no
told the truth: yes


TV: no
your own phone: yes
your own phone line: no
VCR: no
DVD player: no
radio: no
computer: yes
posters: yes
of what?: some anime posters of Spy x Family, My Hero Academia, and Attack on Titan
pictures: yes
of who?: me and bf at prom


taken or single: taken
got a crush: on my bf hehe

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