// nervous for high school ramble

even tho i have like 5 more months left of school im so nervous for freshman year XC 

my mom wants to enroll me into one of the most rigorous high-schools in my city and like im so scared that everyone there is gunna b like idk how to explainn it :C 

i guess the best way to describe it is like ,, "all work no play" 

i find it super hard to even talk and when i do talk its mostly in a joking / playful manner so this just adds on evn more stress //

also i would consider myself to be "academically smart" bc i usually do better than most of my classmates on state tests and stuff but my work ethic is absolutely terrible !! T_T 

ive been working on improving it but im afraid that its not gonna b good enough to survive high school and ill become a washed-up super senior DX

so does any1 have any tips on how 2 b more serious and having a better work ethic ,, anything is greatly appreciated <33

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Ronnie :>

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haii i graduated hs not too long ago so heres a bunch of random tips

dont focus heavily on work but also find a balance
if this prestigious highschool isnt the life for u which dosent at all mean ur not smart or dumb its just pacing urself then u can transfer to another hs remember u have options dont stress urself out too much
do dumb random things with ur friends keep it safe
planners do help
i find what motivated me was making studying and homework an aesthetic put some music on warm lighting and make ur desk pretty it really does help
if ur stuggling to study or work try studying in a diffrent environment like a living room or cafe or ur schools library
writing material is everything find the perfect pen seriously

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Schedules and planners. Keep them. They can be a life saver. Having something that forces you to remember to do something helps you not to forget it. Set time limits on apps so you have to do work. But also don't make your life just work. You and your mental health matter too.

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thank u sm !! <3 (p.s i luv ur profile :D art nouveau is so gorgeous)

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Thank you!!

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