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lammy drawing I did with highlighters!! also other stuff

L A M M Y Y ! ! !



LAMMY HAS TO BE LIKE my comfort character of all time honestly. I love Rammy but I'm just more a fan of Lammy HASHD- 

I drew a lot more lately I just don't have any good pictures and also am too lazy to post them HASHSH


I love my coding class but man I've had nothing to do with weeks bc I always finish my work like weeks ahead and then im just sitting there SO I DREW THIS!! 

UHHH ive been downloading songs to burn more CDs latelyyyy :] 

I've been listening to Mauler by Cub (pillow queen is still by far my favorite song by them ever RAHGHGHGH!!!)

UHMMMM I've just been consuming a lot of interest based things AND im gonna be making my paper dolls soon!! I'll be glazing my clay box in school tmmr 

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I always loved those dress up flash games + paper dolls in general (id have so many as a kid) and so im gonna make some with my favorite characters!!! aka my ocs and like Lammy at this moment. I sometimes have a lot of compiled interests but uhhh not really right now. I Just lost an interest that I had for 7 years (FNAF) and most extra interests tied to it (robotic coding and animatronic stuffs)

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