"Scattergories" #4

Pick a song you've listened to today and use its first letter to answer these.

1. A song I've heard today:      Warpaint - Disco//very 

2. Something green:        Donatello               

3. A crime:     domestic violence                                 

4. Something that smells nice:    danish   

5. A TV show:     Danger Mouse                            

6. Something square:    die face                 

7. A science term:    dendrite                       

8. Something flat:   domino                        

9. An ice cream flavor:   dulce de leche                

10. Something you might lose:    dare  

11. A sound:      doink                            

12. Something you'd wear:   dust mask        

13. A color:   dark blue                                

14. Something in a drug store:   drugs   

15. A game:   damas                                

16. Something black:    dark black turtleneck                 

17. An item in a suitcase:    duckie tie          

18. Something round:    discus                

19. A bug:     daddy long legs                                 

20. Something scary:    dying alone

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Dulce de leche flavored anything is always so good!

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"something green: donatello" XD

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