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〘 02 ⋆ 17 ⋆ 2060 〙

I have no connection to the present times.

It's only the past or the future, mostly.

I can't tell why I think the present is really boring to me.

I often get told to enjoy the present, I mean, "I am".

But I feel extremely disconnected from the "oversimplified" technology.

Or "new" technology, you know, our current technology.

I know I feel connected to the past because I wanted to be on the internet since I was a child. In kindergarten, I would play with these old computers and I could not stay away from them, even if the teacher wanted me to. Once I opened the old Internet Explorer and I felt myself getting into another world, only at 5 years old. I remember just wanting to find new games and trying everything I could to enter there without the teacher noticing.

The future, I don't know, maybe it's the beauty itself, although, it can be scary to think where we are going to go sometimes. The beauty and "oversimplification" of technology and things around this world seem prettier. The delicate yet powerful objects will be created. The way we will be able to teleport to other worlds, not only intellectually, but we will be able to see it. It will be so easy for the future generation, where those kids who born in that era, won't know how lucky they are to live at that time. If I am still alive and not becoming non-existent before my 30s, maybe I will be able to tell them I wanted to live at the time they live "right now".

But imagine if some of them wanted to live or feel connected to the past, like in the 2020s, in the time we are living right now.

〘 02/17/2060  ⋆  18:47 〙

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♡ Lepurushi Djalli ♡

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I agree mostly, if those kids ur speaking about are from rich families xd

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wow... i agree a lot, with their not being rlly any advances in society except technological, its so ez 2 get lost in everything but the present.

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how did you get the theme on your blog? thats so cool! /genq

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