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feb 10 blog ~ EPIC FAIL + my 20's eve

today was... eh

i had both my chem midterm and my driving test and im like 80% sure i failed my chem midterm (or at least failed it for MY standards, which is like 80% LOL) and i certainly failed my driving test (ran over a curb... amongst other things). soooo... today has been kind of a bust -.-"

tmrw im turning 20. the big 2-0. two whole decades. 

"oh but ur age on ur profile is already set to 20" thats bcuz i figured id be too lazy to change my age when my birthday came so i gave myself a head start LMAO.

but yeah. kinda crazy.

if i were in america, id be able to drink next year. but seeing as im in canada, ive been able to drink since last year so... i dont rlly have much to look forward to...

i think i might get a job soon though or smth. i can deny no longer that im an adult, so its time that i start acting like one i think. i say that as im binging cutesy yuri mangas... (^^; bit of a guilty pleasure of mine but if any of u know any good girls love mangas that are downright SACCHARINE plzzzz leave some recs!!)

otherwise my plans for my bday are to do hw and go to a wwe style wrestling event in my area. its like $25 bucks and ive never been into sports that much, let alone ever been to a sports event in person, but hey its my 20th birthday. might as well live a little.

i dropped a line to some friends if they wanna come with but no responses yet. but thats prob bcuz i only remembered to ask around at like 8pm tonight heheh...

so yeah im prob gonna end up just going w my parents. or alone, depending on how i feel. 

anyway thats it for todays blag. ill let u guys know how the wrestling event is. good night :)

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