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feb 8 blog ~ puzzles n fencing

helloooooooo everyone!!!

ive been busy studying the last few days + nothing interesting has rly happened to me so i havent been bloggin as much. today was a good day though so i wanted to hop on n ramble abt it :)

this morning i finished a jigsaw puzzle sage's mom gave me bc im a MASSIVE SQUARE and LOVEEE jigsaw puzzles. when i say i love jigsaw puzzles i MEAN it. while working on that puzzle id start at like 3pm and think "okei puzzle time until maybe 4pm latest but then i gotta do hw" but then id blink and its literally 7pm and i havent moved or drank water or did anything but that puzzle for HOURS. its bc of this that i dont rlly let myself do jigsaw puzzles that much anymore, bc ill just waste the whole day ROFL.

i remember when i was a kid, every summer i would complete every puzzle we had in the house consecutively and on top of each other, even the little christmas ornament puzzle we had (the cool thing about that puzzle is that its actually sphere shaped!)

the puzzle i was working on this morning was about 1500 pieces (the box says that its over 1500, but there were a few pieces missing lol), and it took me a little over three days to complete it. it was kinda hard to do it bc the puzzle was HUGE. i mean larger than my effing table HUGE. but it was a blast n now im rlly craving more jigsaw puzzles...

but anyway the rest of my day was pretty normal. i went to chem class, did some studying for my midterm tmrw (O_O im kinda nervous abt it), i met up with my group project group briefly (not super eventful since it was our first meeting, just met some of them for the first time n we divided up the work n that was it), and i fenced for the first time today :D!!!!!!

my school has a fencing club n was hosting a free first lesson thing so i decided to check it out since i was already on campus. im SUPER out of shape (the three flights of stairs up to my chem class kills me every time X_X) n so i thought fencing would b perfect. ive tried going to the gym on my own but im p much clueless abt fitness so i always just float around btwn the different equipment until i get bored n leave. i figured fencing would b better than working out on my own bc A) SWORDSSS B) there are instructors n stuff telling me what to do C) it would encourage me to be more social D) its an interesting sport so i wont get bored so easily n give up like w the gym and E) SSWORDSSSSSSSSSSS >:D

n guyz the fencing class did not disappoint. it was super fun! i wasnt very good at it but i had a good time jumpin around and swinging the sword (or foil as they call it). i have some experience fighting from when i did taekwondo lessons as a kid but i didnt rlly like it then (call me crazy but i dont rlly like getting kicked in the face -.-") but w fencing you get to wear a face guard n stuff (and no one puts their feet in your face) so it was a lot nicer. of course, the helmet was a communal helmet so i had to try not to think abt all of the other sweaty faces that came before me... but it was super fun regardless!

so ya today was pretty awesome! i just hope i do well on my midterm tmrw... n on my midterm on friday... n on my driving test on friday... 

X_X very busy next couple days

but thats all for today! the next time smth interesting happens will probs be saturday (my birthday!!!!) so ill tty guys then :)

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