no good rotten scallywags

i always hated that one "yeah i'm a lowdown no good white boy from new york, im going somewhere man imma be somebody, i steal apples get yelled at by the shop owner, i smoke cigarettes, yeah i know the in and outs of these streets kid you dont wanna end up like me kid, i smoke cigarettes, lousy rotten scallywag, yeah i dont have much all i have is sleeping under the stars and stealing purses, clearly a ladies man but you dont want a poor humble fella like me, who smokes cigarettes, you dont know how hard i've had it" archetype. 

the orange mf from aristocat, or patti smith. "16 and time to pay off, i get this job at a piss factory inspecting pipe. 40 hours a week, 36 dollars but it's a payheck, jack" first of all 36 dollars in todays money is like 360 dollars thats an sorta okay summerjob. ur sixteen how much money you think the piss factory is making ??!? they accept piss as currency

plus david bowie but only sometimes cause he be singing some shit like "oooOOOoh OH it's so hard toooo beee african american"

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