It has been a while since I have been at school.. due to multiple things going on at home. So today, finally, I will be testing to see where I am at. They will decide what to do once they figure that out... I am scared though! I forgot most things so I probably should study.. problem is I don't know WHAT to study! I hope that this won't be so hard. I think I will start by studying math, then go from there. I do not want to fail everything! I won't do so well without jogging my memory at least a little. I would just be bound to fail that way.. so studying should help get me somewhere. It might not do much since, they did not tell me what exactly they will be testing me on specifically. I assume it is everything we have learned over the past few years 'cause what else could it be? I prayy this goes well, I do NOT want to humiliate myself. 

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