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Magic & The Occult

For the better half of a year now I've been interested in Magic/occult, it's such an interesting topic to me, how everything in the world, something as simple as cracking two eggs for breakfast in the morning is magic, not this harry potter bullshit that people see and deem it as "all" magic which then leads people to believe that it's fantasy nonsense. Magic is a beautiful thing, depending on how you use it. I myself, have seen dark or "black" magic being used, and it's wrong how people get things so twisted, like religious fanatics who claim magic is "witchcraft", while in a sense they are correct, it's not the type of magic or witchcraft most people practice. The religious will have you believe that all magic is "the devils work", but then go and light a few candles, hang a rosery on their walls, to fight off bad spirits, well, aren't we just the same? I light my coloured candles to bring peace my way, or to bring certain vibrations my way, such as black to remove negativity, or protect me. I truely don't understand why people confuse and twist things into something they aren't. 

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