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Music is beautiful

Since I was little, music has always been in my life. From my parents, from my grandparents, the outside world. I think it's a special thing, it's the only thing I feel I connect with in my life. A lot of different types of music have revolved around in my time. From PEELINGFLESH to Duster.

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Cranky Old Witch

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The enormity of music is beyond my reckoning! It's celebratory. It's ceremonial. It's sacred. It's healing. And all the gritty places in between.

I post about the Beatles often. No, you don't have to like the Beatles, it's not about that. But they were literally the most successful and influential rock/pop bands. Why??? I mean, these were four kids that grew up dirt poor, most of them from single parent households. They weren't virtuosos. They weren't studied musicians. But each of them had at least one adult in their lives that filled their home with music.

For me, my grandfather and mother played piano. My older brother played guitar. I was raised up on my parents' swing music, on my older siblings' rock and roll, on my own love for heavy metal. My home was filled with music!

All kinds! There're centuries upon centuries of wonderful music from all over the world! Well over 100 years of recorded music and well over a thousand years of written music.

It's all so beautiful!

The one thing that makes me sad is the thought that if I were to spend EVERY waking moment listening ONLY to music I've never heard before, I'd still only get to hear not even 1% of the wonderful music that exists.

Who ever invented music is lost to the shrouds of time, but I imagine that one day, some proto-human beat a stick against a hollow log for no reason and was pleased with the sound. Pleased enough to keep doing it. Maybe beating on different parts of that log to hear different sounds. Maybe taught their friends how to beat on logs and make their own music.

Whoever that was, I am so grateful to them!

Fill your home with music! As many different kinds as possible! Your kids will be better people because of it!

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