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I hate how my overthinking can go so far that it becomes a little too realistic. Many times it has been proven to be wrong, yet I still feel the same way and instead come up with other ways it may be true. Am I actively ignoring a red flag or am I that paranoid? Paranoia does run in the family so that is most certainly possible. Tomorrow is my appointment, so I hope to find out more information. Though, the topic of tomorrow is my obsessive behavior. I think that is most important as a lot of my overthinking roots from obsessive thoughts. Whether it be about a person, multiple people, society as a whole, myself, or anything, it all comes from obsessing too hard over the topic. I have been told it is most likely OCD, which makes sense. The big issue though is my obsessions with specific people, when it becomes a strong attachment.. I will not go into detail but I plan to figure out a solution to make this feel more peaceful tomorrow. I pray the therapy session helps. 

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