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Quiz I stole from 311

1. Name + Age Max + 14 (soon to be 15)

2. Nicknames: Toony, starz

3. Sexuality: Sapphic, asexual 

4. Pronouns:  they/them

5. Gender: nonbinary 

6. Ethnicity: white, I have partz Irish, mexcain and French in my blood but I’m white ig? Idk I’m too dumb for thiz

7. Family: Me, my brother, my mom, my dad, my grandma and my dog (too many cousinz)

8. Fav Music Artists: Lemon Demon, FAKETYPE, rest on my page

9. Fav Characters: Oswald the lucky rabbit, Yellow guy, Yuki takeya, 

10. Fav games: Epic mickeyyyy!! Animal crossing az well

11. Fav Shows: az of rn uhh Lucky star, HTF, Oswald the lucky rabbit cartoonz, the Cuphead show

12. Fav Webcomic: Pon and zi

14. Hobbies: drawing

15. This year's new year's resolutions: rollerskate 

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