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Facts about radiation:

first blog entry, made so i can have something in my blog. enjoy!

1. when Chernobyl first exploded, the radiation levels were about 20k roentgens per hour. exposure to just 1-5k radiation causes death in mere days! O.o

2. too much Radiation exposure can damage the DNA in your cells.

3. 3 types of radiation! alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays.

Alpha is not able to penetrate skin, will be harmful if eaten, inhaled, swallowed etc. Travels short distance in air.

Beta penetrates skin moderately and will cause skin injury if exposed to skin for prolonged period of time. will travel in air few meters.

Gamma rays are electromagnetic like  ultraviolet light and radiowaves. it is able to penetrate human skin and most materials. travels in air many many meters. radioactive that emit gamma rays can cause internal and external hazard to humans >_< eeek!

4. Lead is very effective at shielding gamma radiation!!.

5. Cherenkov radiation  is an effect that happens electronically charged patricles that compose atoms are moving at speeds faster than the light in a specific medium, resulting in a blue light/glow. example being underwater nuclear reactors.

6. Microwave uses electromagnetic radiation to heat up YOUR food, but doesn't turn your food radioactive. microwave WILL NEVER GET FATAL but i dont recommend being extremely near your microwave when heating up your food. 

keep your radiation exposure ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable)! ^_^

thanks for reading. 

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ANOTHER THING THATS TANGENTIALLY RELATED IS THAT COAL ASH IS MORE RADIOACTIVE THAN RADIOACTIVE WASTE ITSELF! (https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/coal-ash-is-more-radioactive-than-nuclear-waste/ + https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1002/ML100280691.pdf)

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