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2/5/23 dream

its not as cioool as it is crazy. I think i was skipping gym because i was squatting down on a toilet tryiung to not be seen and i stood up and saw a bunch of girls hiding in one stall. for some reason i was really tall in this dream (for reference i am like 5'3-5'4 unfortunately) so no matter how much i squat down you would still be able to see me. then this teacher who looks liek naomi campbell comes in to check if students are skipping, and thered also a bald guy?? I think he was a janitor or somehting, anyway, naomi campbell teacher is like "'YOU KMOW HOW I KNOW THAT YOU GUYS ARE SKIPPING? I CAN SEE YOU GUYS IN THE MIRROR"" and liek there wasnt a mirror but there was a black reflective surface for some reason. i think i pooped in there but when i woke up my pants werent soiled so who really knows. I went over to gym and my friends owen and akai were there, and since i skipped gym and left in a hurry i left my stuff in there and had to pick it up infront of everyone, talk about a walk of shame. My school serves breakfast and if the line is too long kids sometimes have to stand outside. I saw JASON FROM CHIODOS in there. so when i saw this i was very excited and wanted to get through the line as quickly as possible. By the time i get to the real breakfast theres barely any food and i pick up an apple and start eating it. some ginger kid with a buzzcut asks to sit next to me cuz some kids were bothering him and i obliged. my friend chia came up and stole my half eaten apple i think to pay for me, but the lunch lady doesnjt let her pass and starts having a breakdown about how the world is going to end very very soon and how there is no hope, thhem my dream ended. thats all.

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