does anyone wanna hear abt my oc vesper

hes my skrunkly doo i'll gladly talk abt him if anyone is interested

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OK YAAAY UMM leme see
well firstly his name is vesper!!! hes a smoke demon + bone demon along wiv part vampire!!! hes from like a steampunk area in the dark side of hell which makes him victorian! :) he was able 2 adapt to modern stuff just fine tho bc hes cool or smthin gdfgDF
hes uhhhhhh hes like 28 yrs old! abt 6'6ft tall aand yey!!!
his personality tends to be introverted, unsociable, discreet, reserved, observant, cold, aggressive and clingy, he likes stuff like scissors, mechanicals, books, quietness, moons, night time, coffee, doughnuts and pasta, but he dislikes like day time, people, loud noises, being judged and people leaving him
hes also autistic!!!!!! hes also got sum other stuff like bpd, depression, insomnia abd c-ptsd
oh oh and hes non-binary/agender!!! uses he/xe/void/it pronouns ;D he is le gay too hes a man liker
.......that was very like. Random and. Spewed Out. ggDFGSFD
i can talk abt him mooore but thats.. some stuff abt him!!!

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he is so cool. i love him.

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THANK YOU HES MY PRIDE AND JOY he literally never fukcign leaves my brain hes been here for like two years and more

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