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Hello, I'm Kat/Noise. A person on the ~interweb~
I use She/They pronouns 
I'm 15
English/Norwegian speaker
I'm rather opinionated, I usually talk about my views on things in my blog posts. 

I struggle with mental health issues, please be mindful of this when talking to me. 
please use tone tags when messaging me. 

interests !   

  • Gaming
  • Firearms
  • TC (true crime)
  • South Park
  • Music
  • Writing, Poetry, and reading
dislikes !

  • Loud/obnoxious people
  • religious fanatics 
  • people who are hateful with no cause
  • abelists 
  • anti-vaxxers/conspiracy theorists 
  • people who are basic/bland
big no no's !

  • people who glorify self-harm
  • people who glorify suicide
  • people who are bigoted 
  • racists
  • homophobes
  • transphobes

music taste ! 

  • Hardcore Metal & it's subgenres such as Gorenoise, Goregrind, Grindcore
  • Thrash Metal (select period of Thrash, I don't like newer thrash.)
  • 90s hip-hop (Such as NAS, Biggie, Dre, etc..) 
  • Indie lofi (Duster, Flatsound, panchiko, etc..)
  • Shoegaze & it's subgenres such as heavier shoegaze (You'll never get to heaven, Slowdive, MBV, Loathe, Leaving time, whirr, etc)
  • Black Metal and it's subgenres such as Blackgaze & Post black, as well as DSBM (Kekht arakh, Burzum, Bathory, I shalt become, Sadness, My useless life, Xasthur, Black Funeral, etc..) 

    Playlist(s) !
    black metal playlist 
    random stuff i like ;p
where you can find/talk to me outside of spacehey :


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WOAAAHHh!! i listened 2 sum of ur playlists n stuff n it’s so.. ARGGHHHH!!! /pos U have gr8 music taste dude!!!! <:0

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Thank you :D

by Noise; ; Report