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Introducing myself - UPDATED!



Hello dear friends, 

I'm Feather. But you can call me as Piko! I'm a  trans  biromantic demisexual guy (tho I'm not sure if I'm demisexual or not. But I think I do require an emotional connection!) who uses He/They. Calling me with neo pronouns are ok. But I prefer He/They (Mostly He, but They is also OK!)  

BUT JUST NOT SHE/HER! I don't like being called with feminine pronouns, ok? 

I'm into many fandoms! From Vocaloid to Sailor Moon or even Spy x Family. I just love it. I also like to read Webtoons! I recommend to read  "LUMINE" its perfect! 

I'm an ambrivert. But irl I'm pretty much shy and cold (?) that kinda sounds like "Yoo you are so nice at online but not irl?"  

My classmates kinda piss me off-

And I really love languages. I currently know two! Turkish and English. 

I would like to meet with new people! Don't be shy if you want to dm, okay? Maybe we have the same intrests! Nor we can tell our intrest and be friends lskalslwlwl-

My birthday is at the 13th March, so that makes me as a Pisces! And I'm a minor! I like writing new stories, poems and etc. 

My brain is soo- 

C r e a t i v e ✨

I really adore every style. From lolita fashion to the 2000's style! I kinda like skateboarding! I'm a goofy foot! That means my right foot is more dominant than my left foot. 

But I can use both of my hands! 

I also study to become an English Teacher. No matter someone says:

"Internet can translate this stuff yk, don't do this!" 

I d c ✨

Just let someone to LEARN about their favorite subject you know!  So like- I'm studying Academic English! 

If you want to know more about me, you can DM! 

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