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today was really nice

Today I got really stressed out because my parents were fighting again.

I also had to spend my morning relentlessly scrubbing and cleaning the most disgusting bathroom I'd ever seen.

Not to mention I have a funeral to go to tomorrow, as well as my mom telling my dad she wished he died on the job. 

Also, I found out my littlest sister is going to Italy this upcoming October. Although I am happy for her, I am admittedly a little worried. I want her to have fun, but I know if anything bad happens to her, I'd never be able to live with myself. 

It was a family free day at the zoo, so we went for about an hour and a half, but then we went home again. 

I went out driving with my dad, and I let him just let off some steam about my mom, so that was nice.

Another nice part was when I went home. I took a nice shower and did all the personal care I always forget to do. I made myself some tea(honey vanilla chamomile ), sat at my kotatsu (which I actually got around to heating today lol XD), and just chilled out in my PJs. No tech, no talking, and no sound. Just chillin' out.

It was a very pleasant experience, and a very good de-stressor. I highly recommend it to anyone who just needs some time so sit down and space out.

I know most people do not have a kotatsu, so that part may be a little difficult. Though, a freshly machine dried blanket, or a space heater should be just fine.

Now I'm going to bed...even if it's only just 8:10 p.m. 

Look at that...I never go to bed that early! Yippee!

oki...goodnight everybody.


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