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1. Name?
- Issak!!! I also go by Valerian, Espresso, Shriggy, Basil and ENA!

2. Any nicknames at all?
- I go by whatev idc tbh

3. What's your sexuality?
- grey-asexual, demiromantic panromantic! (i like to specify i am mlm tho, due to personal reasons :-) )

4. What are your pronouns?
- jeez i have a lot um, my main pronouns are He/him! I also really like thou/thee and xe/xem pronouns!!! other ones i also go by tho are vamp/vamps, blood/bloods, fang/fangs, horror/horrors, mew/mews, kitty/kittys, bat/bats, bite/bites and it/its!!! overall tho for simplicity feel free to just use he/him <3 (tho i will love u if u use thou/thee pronouns paired with my name valerian specifically)

5. What's your gender?
- Non-binary agender boy!!!!! i have many many many xenos (check one of my previosu blog entries to see), but overall i mostly just feel like a guy!! easiest sake just say im a male essentially

6. Are you dating someone at all (platonic, romantic or sexual)?
- nupe, and im not rlly interested rn hehe

7. Would you ever date someone, whether it'd be platonically, romantically or sexually?
- yeas i would but idrc abt romance anymore

8. What music artist or band do you listen to?
- i like hyperpop and early 2000's music, luv me some nightcore along w scene and emo songs XP i like edm stuff too

9. What's your favorite song, whether it'd be from said artist/band or not?
- i domt knooooooowww >_<

10. Are you an extrovert, ambivert or introvert?
- introvert LMAO

11. Are you an otherkin or fictionkin?
- none! i dont rlly identify with kins! :) i only ever use the term 'kin' as a quicker/easier identifiable term then synpath

12. Who is your favorite game/anime/book/show character?
- i really like madeleine cookie, i have more faves but im lazy so take him LOL

13. Are you religious?
- no sir

14. Are you aroace, or do you believe you're on the spectrum?
- yessir, i said i was grey-asexual, demiromantic earlier! (me when aroace-spec, agender and autism spec, i got four A's BABEYYY)

15. Favorite game?
- currently cult of the lamb!

16. Favorite anime?
- i like higurashi and pmmm quite a bit, jjba too but thats lessned over the years lol

17. Favorite book?
- currently its heartstopper ^^ i gotta get more into books with how much i claim to like them hehe

18. Favorite show?
- ummmmmm i like the owl house a lot! :-) i also rlly like rapunzel's tangled adventure!

19. Do you have many friends or little to no friends?
- i have a decent amount of friends but i only talk to about 4 of them, even then I only talk to one daily LOL

20. Do you have a crush by any chance?
- not any irl ones rn no :p fictional ones on the other hand? .................helllooooo~

21. Favorite color?
- red!!!!

22. Favorite animal?
- rats!!!!

23. Does your preference lean towards men or women?
- technically romantically no, technically sexually yes, i say im pan overall cuz its easier and i literally do not fucking care, like at all, but if you really wanted i technically have a preference for men, technically

24. Do you have any phobias?
- yeag. i dont like the dark, heights, needles or being watched, im very easily paranoid too LOL

25. Do you engage in drama almost all the time?
- no but it can be amusing to discuss it with yr friends LOL

26. Do you still watch kids shows?
- ofc!!!!

27. Do you still play kids games?
- sometimes

28. Least favorite game?
- not sure, dont keep track of stuff i dont like

29. Least favorite show/movie?
- idk again lol

30. Least favorite anime?
- too. many. i dont call myself an anime fan for a reason despite watching a bit of anime

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its okay issak i cooka da pizza

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AAJHGJHFD you cooka da pizza!!!!!!!!!

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