Hello, i am Nicholas, you can call me Nicky if u want!

I haven't used this site in a bit and i plan on using it more often for fun and because i love old-web stuff! I identify as a nonbinary trans dude and as omnisexual, gay, aro-acespec and polyamorous, i am 17 years old and i really enjoy stuff related to Sonic, Newgrounds, Homestuck (probably, i've recently got back into it after years of not being into it), Hollow Knight, and many other stuff

I am host of a diagnosed DID system, i'm autistic and have ADHD, maybe other stuff as well idk

I hope i can make more friends here, feel free to idk message me here or in discord (i check discord more so keep that in mind) ☆ Nicky ☆#3814

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