To the faceless strangler from my nightmare; A poem (CW: strangling)

To the faceless figure from a nightmare a few years ago

that strangled me after a false awakening

as I was making my way to the door

and I left my body for a moment

before waking up in earnest;

What could you possibly have had to gain?

I'm not worth your effort

I'm too easy

You came in through my bedroom window

and walked up behind me as I climbed out of bed

did want to satisfy your dark primal urges?

were you just in the neighborhood and felt like getting some errands done?

did I mean something to you?

what did I have that you wanted?

was this of your own accord?

were you under the thumb of someone else?

also there are knives in my room that you could have used

they were gifts from my father

he got them on a business trip

and yet you went for asphyxiation

I was important enough for strangulation

Did you get what you wanted?

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