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Two drunk guys with a megaphone

Not a day goes by that I don't think about the shark walking tour.

So a few months ago my family decided it would be cool to attend a walking tour of a town not far from where I live that is the site of some historic shark attacks (I won't specify where in an effort to not dox myself) and it turned out to be... peculiar.
The tour was led by two guys who had definitely had a bit to drink (and continued to do so as they gave the tour) passing a megaphone back and forth, one of them refused to use the megaphone correctly, the other had some really weird theories about what kind of shark did the attacks (it was probably a bull shark but this guy could not be convinced), it was really hot out, I was dehydrated, and did I mention the crying children? There were multiple crying children.
The combined dehydration, blistering heat, and loud drunks has led to the kind of vibe that has not left my head since.

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