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The World Doesn't Feel Real Sometimes

I feel like im so used to a routine of getting up, going to school, coming home and studying every single day to where the minute something even slightly changes it feels like the world is ending. Like I'm staying home from school today, bc I think im a little sick, and also we aren't doing anything too important today lol but im just kinda chillin in my room. Not much to do, just under a blanket and tryna sweat out whatever i have. It really doesnt feel real im so used to routine its kinda become who I am? I feel like I don't have control over my own body sometimes and I just do what im used to, but maybe thats just normal. It's kinda crazy to think that I've missed out on so much bc of routine. Like im emotional overhearing birds chirp, or getting to see my mom go to work, or even how nicely the sun is shining out my window. I kinda miss online school because theres a beauty in the simplicity of staying home :P not having to force yourself to work or do anything. Just get to appreciate birds hehe

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