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〘 01 ⋆ 31 ⋆ 2023 〙

Subject: 2012 Toshiba laptop.

My older brother has (around 2012) Toshiba laptop.

From what I can remember, I would sit beside him and see him talking with other people on the internet (I didn't understand the conversations because they were in English and I didn't know English back then), also using DeviantArt and Facebook to post his Sonic fanart/edits. I was a person who would draw quite a lot so seeing him freely posting his fanart/edits on the internet where other people could see and basically not being held back by my dad, felt so cool to me and I remember wanting to grow up a little faster just to be able to have access on the internet, I was 7-8 years old, he was 12-13.

Today I asked him if he has that laptop somewhere and he said he does but it's really damaged and it only has 2GB of RAM which is considered extremely slow nowadays but I honestly want it, because last time it was turned on, was a few months ago and the laptop system looked so old which the nostalgia kicked me hard, although, I was a little disappointed because the internet layout did change to the new version. Apparently, 8GB of RAM is considered the minimum nowadays.

I have been interested to start being a computer technician and I might start studying it after I finish my bachelor's in Web Design or I can simply just learn on my own as I did with coding.

I'm not sure how the Toshiba laptop exactly looked like but this is the closest.

〘 01/31/2023  ⋆  18:21 〙

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