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hey. is this like my space but a bootleg version? guess so. i don’t really care who sees this because i don’t think anyone even uses this website and this will probably be the only time i will ever use it lmao. i guess the only things i have to say are that i’m a loser who’s about to turn 18 and has no fucking idea what to do. my mom won’t let me have a job so i have no money, and i have no social skills so i have no fiends. my life is wack. i’ve been to mental hospitals and normal hospitals because i just can’t seem to live with my sexy self. i have major daddy issues and my poor girlfriend has to live with me. WHAT AM I EVEN TALKING ABOUT. dead. anyways love you, make sure to drink acid and eat garbage. we are all gonna die someday anyways. gonna go get high now so i don’t have to think about my problems. 

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