🍑 abt me


name: ashlea
nickname: peachy / peaches
age: an adult
pronouns: she/her
birthday: jan 11th
siblings: older brother 
straight/bi/gay: bi
job: currently unemployed due to ~mental health~


hair color: natural ash brown
eye color: blue
height: 5'2 
ethnicity: australian/scottish
look like a celeb: i don't think so
dye your hair: use to, got tired of upkeep
have bangs: same as above 😅
have/had braces: twice..
wear glasses: yes 💀 
wear contacts: can't due to ~astigmatisms~
piercings: I had 10 ear pericings for several years 
and then one day my body started rejecting them..
tattoos: three


color: imperial purple and black
Movie: inglourious basterds
TV show: i don't really have one
animal: dogs, bats & capybaras
drink: green tea & lemon lime and bitters
food: korean & thai food
alcoholic drink: i don't drink often, but when i do it's usually a cider
car: i'm not really a car person
day of the week: friday & saturday
season: autumn 🍂 
song: this is the most difficult question ever asked.. 
sport: LOL
restaurant: oriental k in my city has THE BEST 
pork cheese katsu i have ever had. i dream about it constantly.
teacher: mr glover. he made high school bareable.
subject: history
holiday: good friday because it's seafood day~
book: 50 years of silence by jan ruff o'herne (highly recommend)
magazine: don't really read them anymore
flower: karma choc dahlia
memory: all the times spent with tuesday (my dog), joey & missy (my housemate's dogs) who have sadly passed on.


person you hugged: my dad
person you kissed: my mum
thing you said: "well fuck me i guess"
thing you ate: my meds :D
texted: goodnight to my dad
you called: my dad
called you: my doctor
person you saw: my best friend/housemate
you had a long conversation with: my boyfriend


summer or winter: winter
cats or dogs: dogs, hands down
Pepsi or Coke: i don't drink it anymore but coke will always be superior
cell phone or Ipod: phone
ocean or pool: neither
black or white: black
chocolate or vanilla: depends on what it is. ice cream? vanilla. 
cookie? double choc. milk? banana :D
flowers or candy: candy 
rock or rap: rock
TV or movie: movie
AIM or MySpace: myspace
stars or hearts: hearts
bracelets or necklaces: necklaces
gold or silver: silver
kisses or hugs: hugs
pen or pencil: pen


smoked: no, i hate it
failed a test: does testing positive to covid count as failing a test? 
stayed home from school: i don't go to school..
been to the mall: went today
bought a book: nope
been to a show/concert: i'd rather not ever go to one tbh
yelled at someone: i don't think so..
got into a fight/argument: i had a bit of a heated conversation with my dad yesterday..
cried to a friend: i cried to my boyfriend the other day
told the truth: yes
lied: i lied today :D


TV: yeah
your own phone: yup
your own phone line: who has phone lines these days?
VCR: nope
DVD player: my pc, my ps4, my ps3..
radio: nah
computer: gaming pc
posters: one
of what?: inglourious basterds
pictures: i have a painting of a picture?
of who?: my dog who passed away


taken or single: taken
got a crush: on my boyfriend

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