What religion does everyone who friend me believe?

id love to discuss religion and religious interpretation, just please be respectful.

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I don’t see myself as religious so I can’t really do I belong in a religion. I am very spiritual though so I believe In everyone being connected and to be kind, that there is more than a new life after we die because we are souls just experience human life here in the 3D

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Say* not do

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This the one, so I am a Christian but I don’t have like a house of Christianity. I don’t believe in the “god said stay with your own kind and only opposite sex, blah blah blah” but I also believe in the Big Bang and multiverse. I know we’re not the only intelligent life form, actually we’re a dumb asf life form lmao

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Antonio Smith

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I'm a Baha’i

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Oh sick man

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im guessing agnostic

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i hear that alot

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