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dunno who originally made this but i stole this from @HORROR ✝ 


name: Zephyr
nickname: Zee
age: 18
pronouns: He/They/Xe
birthday: 25th Nov 2004
siblings: a younger brother who I realllllyyy want to forget about 😐
straight/bi/gay: bisexual
job: unemployed and it's been so fucking difficult hOW THE FUCK DO PEOPLE HAVE JOBS?!?!?!?


hair color: brown
eye color: dunno, green? i think?
height: idk haven't measured
ethnicity: white
look like a celeb: idk don't really keep up to date with many celebs
dye your hair: twice before, once i went red then i dyed it black but i've never bleached it I WANT TO SO BAAADDD
have bangs: nope
have braces: nuh uh
wear glasses: nada
wear contacts: non
piercings: only my ear lobes, i wanna get more facial ones
tattoos: none, i want some though, i love body mods sm


Color: green, but i also like red and black
Movie: first ones that come to mind are the craft (og and sequel)
TV show: current hyperfixations are the boys, the sandman, steven universe and once upon a time
animal: tough one but i have to go with cats and bats
drink: coffee, monster and hot chocolate
food: idk
alcoholic drink: other than budweiser i've only had rum and coke so ig that
car: ?!?!?!?! idkkkk
day of the week: ig friday
season: maybe autumn?
song: FUCK
sport: 😃😃 bitch do i fucking look like-
restaurant: your mum
teacher: the english teacher i had at the end of high school, she was super sweet
subject: art and design (thank god i'm in college now, fuck school)
holiday: halloween
book: skulduggery pleasant
magazine: kerrang!
flower: penis
memory: head too empty but also too full


person you hugged: probably my mum
thing you said: night
thing you ate: ham and cheese pastry things
texted: my bestie
you called: uhhhh probably my mum i think
called you: wellbeing practitioner
person you saw: my mum
you had a long conversation with: my mum


summer or winter: winter
cats or dogs: def a cat person but i definitely enjoy a good pupper
Pepsi or Coke: 😐they're the same fucking fight me😐
cell phone or Ipod: mp3 player
ocean or pool: i can't swim✨
black or white: grey
chocolate or vanilla: bubblegum
flowers or candy: are yoU HittING oN mEEee
rock or rap: both and more
TV or movie: TV
AIM or MySpace: dunno what AIM is but I MISSED OUT ON MYSPACE AND NO I'M NOT OKAY (I promise)
stars or hearts: hearts
bracelets or necklaces: chokers
gold or silver: bronze
kisses or hugs: both but also neither
pen or pencil: digital


smoked: I don't do that I'm a good boy 😇
failed a test: don't take tests anymore
stayed home from school: probably gonna tomorrow 
been to the mall: nope
bought a book: nuuu
been to a show/concert: I fucking wishh
yelled at someone: nahh
got into a fight/argument: don't think so
cried to a friend: HA I bottle up my emotions 💅💅
told the truth: probably
lied: probably, again


TV: yuh but it broke
your own phone: yis
your own phone line: nahh
VCR: nope
DVD player: a portable one for my laptop
radio: my CD player has one, does that count?
computer: yuh
posters: uh huh
of what?: slipknot, mcr, waterparks, the chats, yungblud, gojira, paramore and blink-182
pictures: kinda
of who?: a bunch of album art of music I listen to


taken or single: single asf
got a crush: mostly fictional, okay it's pretty much just fictional crushes

this took way too fucking long to do jeez

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aaaaahhhh this is so cool i wna do it!!!

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