A confession of a heart twisted with misanthrope.. and love..!

To my dearest Minty <3:

When I first saw you, my malicious heart fluttered at the sound of your ableist remarks. When me my red jacketed friend and my witch of many kinks went looking for you, the sound of your light feet against the hard floor nearly drove my almost expressionless face to tears.
But through this torturous war, our darkness came to light and we saw parts of ourselves that we strove to hide. You saw my wrath, lust, and pride. As I saw yours, and I saw my own.

Now that I've come to know you, I have become addicted to your witty but adorable remarks, all of the qualities you wanted to hide are what drives me forward. What drives you forward, what drives us forward.

Minty, I love you.

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charlotte ?!

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the fact that without context this just seems rlly stupid

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also charlotte using capital letters real!!!!

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