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Tragedy, it was something that one wouldn’t usually expect in a town as tiny as that one.

In a world where disconnection from events feels oh so right and oh so familiar… when a tragedy only a few blocks away from you occurs… it’s scary.


Maurice and Dahlia are finally able to be out of their homes, still a fondness of their hometown and a lack of any kind of motorized vehicles keeps them there. The town was small and even if you were to try to leave you’d end up having your only path out be from the side of a mountain.

It was isolated- the people living there obviously wanting to be away from the rest of the world.

However… when people oh so desperately want to be far away from society… there are always differing reasons. And some can tend to be a bit dangerous. Especially when you’re so far away from the outside world and any help that could bring.


It all started in 1979.

Sophia Halwell, born October 14th 1985, was found dead.

Drowned in a lake during late December.

They weren’t sure how long she had been dead, the cold weather had stopped a lot of the decomposition, but it seemed like it had been only a day since. The Halwell family was distraught, not being heard from outside of close friends, and after Lucy and Gerald’s divorce triggered by the death of Sophia it seemed like all connected to it was closed.

Dahlia and Maurice were 17 at the time, the families in the town on a sort of lock-down from the fear that someone in their small community had turned and killed Sophia. But after a while the suspected cause was simply a slip and fall into the lake that was too deep and too cold to escape from. The body naturally seizes up when it hits something too cold too quickly and so that was where the case ended.

Everything went back to normal by 1981, few memories lingered save from the still tired expression of George Halwell.

The poor… poor man.

But when people begin to hide again, when the town feels dimmer, missing cases begin to surface and bodies begin to disappear from the morgue… it seems that the town has been struck with tragedy again. Maurice and Dahlia, only days after their downstairs neighbor, gas station worker and college student- Josh- begins to act weird, end up accidentally summoning the ghosts of the people having gone missing. And so slowly they uncover the darker secrets in the town 




The area of the town is a cemetery, the looming presence of an abandoned church creating shadows over the stones with people’s names. The cemetery has been locked away, not noticed or visited for years that vines have claimed the area. The living creatures taking over what was once where only the dead roamed. The lost gifts and offerings to the dead were taken over by the erosion as well. The town was odd, no matter how odd though the tragedy of death was and was to always be inescapable. The one unchanging factor in all who live there. The area seemed less gloomy at times though, as though something was living inside of the gated area. More so than on the outside. Bodies underneath the ground must still dance, and this time they dance without the fears that life brought them. Protected by even the sun under the cool damp dirt and clay


Marley and Theo live there, dead for so long that the memories must have washed away. Acceptance was the first step to rebuilding a sort of life where nothing would live though. Within the church’s walls they lived. Theo liked to roam the graveyard, most people have already moved on and so after a while it became lonely. Theo always thought that if so many people had died that death would never be lonely… in fact death would be crowded. However in an abandoned area where abandoned people laid to rest forever and eventually moved on in… why should they stay as well. He wished that he was told the way to move on. Maybe the feeling inside would subside. Although he feared that it wasn’t loneliness that plagued him. His mind… that that feeling was instead something that went deeper than that


Marley seemed happy with the “life” though. The church was filled with books and Marley spent most of his day looking through them. The floor was wet, puddles of water everywhere. They had both always noted that in the real world- a world they were no longer connected to- that those puddles weren’t real. The long lines of shelves with books- names of people in the graveyard- weren’t real in the natural world. To enter the graveyard is to enter another realm- to enter a portal into death



Marley Violet Jones.

Born 1957, died 1985

28 years old

Theodore Sorcerer Garcia

Born 1958, died 1985

27 years old

May they rest in peace, their souls now freed from the mortal worlds. ’

The bells tolled in a soon to be abandoned church the day that their bodies were lowered into the ground. Their deaths weren’t paid much mind, seen as any other homicide, but decades later their imprint… their looming presence… it stays. Alone. Alone in the empty graveyards. Spirits long ago left, moved on, and severed their ties with the worlds. Marley and Theo however were never able to.

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//death + suicide mentions

In 1979 Sophia Halwell was found dead in a lake in late December. The chilly weather caused the area nearby the lake to be slippery, falling into the water.
When a human body hits cold water very fast and without warning the body freezes and this was the cause of her death. She was unable to escape due to the temperature and drowned.

Richard Calvins was traveling to a town over to visit his boyfriend, he tried to stop for gas and a snack but after filling for gas the lady working at the gas station closed early and so he decided to take a different turn so he could get something to eat. He parked across the street from a gas station that, at the time, Josh Johnson was working at. While crossing the road George Halwell hits him- speeding while under the influence. Halwell panics- kills Richard- and hides his body away in the forest.
No one knows he died. His boyfriend, his family and anyone in his town. He was seen as a rough rebel runaway kid and was thought to have just ran away.

After a few months- near the end of 1983- he suspected that Alice knew he killed someone after she saw the back of his car and saw the blood stains. He ends up killing her as well.
People noticed her disappearance, Molly especially talking about the recent missing case in school news papers.

In early 1984 they are summoned by Dahlia and Maurice and begin to haunt the both of them.

Later into 1984 they decide to send out a search party after they managed to get a search warrant in her house and find that there was no way that she could have moved as every thing she had, including her keys and car, were abandoned.

They then find Richard's body- and assume that if he was murdered then Alice was mostly likely killed as well. They go through nearby town records and find Richards DNA is a match to the corpse.

Alice's ghost ends up leading Maurice and Dahlia to the location of her body.

Halwell's death shortly follows
The ghosts, all save from Sophia, begin to appear less and less.

THEO (and partially Marley stuff):
He was a journalist, after hearing about the murders in the small town only a few hours away from his own he decided to come by to write about the recent events.

He arrived only a day before Halwell ended his own life and a day after Alice Katz's body was discovered.

He made friends with Marley Jones, a writer who seemed just as if not more invested in the recent cases.
Only a week into his stay with Marley, as he insisted on Theo staying with him for a time, Marley seemed to exhibit odd behaviors. He seemed more erratic and anxious. However not in a scared way... more excited if anything and tried to kill himself.
Theo tried to stop him and the fight turned to him as well. He grabbed a knife and after stabbing Marley his grip loosened as he fell and Theo got shot. Marley lived far from the town in the woods and didn't have a phone and so they both died.

He took to roaming the cemetery after he died, the only thing outside of Marley to be able to see them when the graveyard was closed up were the crows. He couldn't remember his life, everyone having a book which marked their memories and experiences, but he and Marley seemingly didn't. And if he did have any memories of his life they were long forgotten.

He began to try and search for his memories of his life. Marley seemed a bit unwilling but after some point he began to act off again, and became very upset at the insinuation of finding their lives out.
"If it's lost it's lost for a reason. Maybe it should be forgotten."

His want to figure out and search for answers lead to a similar fight between he and Marley when he found Marley trying to burn their books.

He is able to stop Marley but...

MARLEY- Safety is in security, to have a sound and unchanging life- to gave stability- that is all he wanted. And he'd believe in anything that gave him a dream to escape the world that only drove him mad

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