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The issue with the American right-wing

First, ALL right-wingers are bigots. This is no longer a space for gray, there is a clear divide now, and one side is simply making too many of the wrong choices to be considered the right side of history.

They lie about being "pro-life." They want people to be forced to have kids. Even if all the data shows that illegal abortion is unsafe and more lives will be at risk from botched illegal abortions. And it's horrible to bring a child into the world if they weren't wanted in the first place or if they can't be financially or emotionally supported.

- They don't support Universal Healthcare.

- They're against welfare.

- they're against a bill that addresses the baby formula shortage

- they're against longer parental leave (for both parents)

- they want to block the LGBTQ community from being able to adopt 

They say get a job. But people need three jobs and still can't pay rent.

- They're against raising the minimum wage. They say get a better job. But people usually need more education to get a better job.

- They're against higher education.

- They're against helping with exorbitant predatory student loans. They ask who will pay for it, but they are against taxing billionaires and diverting war funds. Their leaders give billionaires and corporations tax breaks that have historically not produced the results (trickle down economics) they always claim will happen. The class divide is growing larger.

- they don't want to forgive student, but they forgive billion dollar loans to corporations

And they don't care about poor people or POC.

- They act like systemic racism doesn't exist, yet always bring up the 13/50 statistic but don't give a reasonable explanation for why that stat exists.

They support politicians that proclaim they're Christian nationalists (Marjory Taylor Green). And all white nationalists are right wingers.

They think American culture is solely white people and think they are being replaced

. - They're against minority immigrants. They say the immigrants should come here legally, but asylum seeking is legal. And republican politicians have tried to make the general immigration process more difficult.

They talk about the economy, but it's shown that immigrants help an economy.

And there are kids with the immigrants, but the right doesn't care about them.

They only want to give opposition.

They don't care about people addicted to drugs. One solution would be to decriminalize certain drugs and offer safe places for people to get them. But the right is against any solutions.

They make fun of people addicted to drugs.

- They co-opt leftist phrases like "my body, my choice" only when they're opposing efforts to help the WHOLE of society against a highly contagious and deadly global pandemic. But they oppose "my body, my choice" when it's for abortion or drugs.

- They co-opt "believe the science" when speaking against trans people, and they say science says there are only two genders. And they say the left doesn't follow facts or logic. But when you show them that science says there are more than two biological genders AND that trans people actually exist, they ignore everything you say or double down on their anti-trans talking points.

- They actively hate trans kids. They are making laws making it illegal to help trans kids

- They're against any possible solutions to lessen climate change.

- They're against wind turbines, against electric cars, against solar power.

- They deliberately buy trucks with extra thick, black exhaust.

- They want MORE oil and coal.

- They're against ALL government regulation. Even the regulations that protect the environment, workers, consumers, and kids.

But, they support government overreach when banning books, women's healthcare, or LGBTQ rights

- They claim they want to protect children from predators. But they ignore that trump was named in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. They ignore Roy Moore. They ignore Matt Gaetz. They ignore Ted Nugent. They ignore the Tennessee Republican, John Rose who groomed a 16 year old girl, married her, and now has children with her.

- NINE of the top ten states with the most child marriage are red states. 

Educating kids with proper sex education has been shown to teach kids to know if they're being taken advantage of and gives them the language to speak out about it. It also decreases teen pregnancies, which would cut down on the need for abortions. But the right doesn't care. They don't want proper sex education talked about at all.

They say they're for free speech and say the left is against it. But GOP politicians are using the government to punish Disney and ban books and threaten teachers from talking about history and respecting kid's gender, and forcing them to say the pledge of allegiance (in Massachusetts.) And they think people should be imprisoned or fined for burning the flag. 

They claim we should keep confederate statues and flags up because we'll forget history without them, but they are against teaching about slavery. They call it CRT but don't know what that is. They just want a blanket ban on teaching history because they say it makes their kids feel bad. But they'll always repeat "facts don't care about your feelings" - but that doesn't apply to the right; the right only wants to obstruct, needlessly complicate things, and cause misery.

They worship the second amendment especially when there are mass shootings. They think school shootings are ways for the government to take away their guns. But the only president that has said anything about taking guns without due process was trump.

They say it's not a gun problem but a mental health issue, but they don't care about people with mental health issues. Not only are they bigoted towards trans people, but they're also ableist. They say trans people are crazy and have mental health issues, but they actively denigrate them and say they won't support their mental issues. Thus exhibiting that they don't care about mental health issues; they actively promote the abuse of people with mental issues 

They act like they're against cancel culture, but are fine with republican politicians using the government to punish companies and people. trump would constantly speak out against Kaepernick and say he should be fired. Kaepernick was using his first amendment rights to protest excessive police brutality against people of color, but the right deliberately doesn't listen and says he's "disrespecting" the flag. And they offer no solution; only opposition. Then when nothing gets fixed, people get together and do larger protests. The right still doesn't listen and only offers complaints and opposition. And then doubles down and says "blue lives matter."

But then they're against the fbi when the agency goes after trump or other Republicans.

We say "defund the police." And they cry and claim you can't get RID of the police. But we say "defund the police doesn't mean to take away the police; it means to use funds in more beneficial areas to help the community in general, and to not militarize the police." They cover their ears and still complain that defund the police means to remove the police completely. They don't care about the community or using public funding more effectively and efficiently; they just want to complain and oppose 

But they don't care about cops either, because when trump cultists stormed the capitol, a cop shot one of them, THEN they're against cops. They're only FOR cops when people want reform and are critical of the system.

They talk about fair elections and voter fraud, but Republicans use gerrymandering and shut down voting locations in poor areas. They disenfranchise people of color. And the majority of people caught for fraud are Republicans

Right wingers' 3 responses are 1. Laugh react 2. "You watch too much CNN" 3. "Not all right wingers are bigots"

When asked to refute anything, they won't answer.

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^^ this.

Would love to see a right-winger's attempt at a response to this... it really goes to show just how much mental gymnastics you have to do to think like them.

left-wing = people that live on this planet, have basic emotions, etc.
right-wing = people that are detached from the world, lack any emotions, etc.

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