i took my boat out to sea and swam with the hungry shark

take my breath away

and keep it in your possession 

remember me fondly when you feel the burn of my oxygen in your lungs

and i know the shades of pink have all gone black

but i would swim to you in a hurricane 

not realizing my version of you was so abstract

my neck just above the water

clinging onto hope, as the rain froze my cheeks and shoulders

put all of me in a bag 

and place me in your freezer 

far back, so when you find me again 

you’ll be reminded of how beautiful i am

i’ll thaw into your shoes

brush the ice out of my hair

leave puddles where you walk 

so you will devour me whole

but even my last breath isn’t enough for you to control 

youre looking for your next meal

like your hands were never around my throat

i wonder what would have happened if i stayed on my boat

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