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(Album Review) Neutral Milk Hotel - Aeroplane Over The Sea

Neutral Milk Hotel - Aeroplane Over The Sea

This album has stuck with me for weeks and is just so raw unprocessed yet produced perfectly. 9.5/10

five easy hot dogs

I don't know how to put it. it feels like something I've always known somehow. King of Carrot Flowers makes an amazing intro for this album. the mix of the vocals and guitar songs, is amazing. The perfect amount of weird. from Jeff Magnums (Vocalist) Nasally shouts to the distorted bagpipe solo. It's fucking beautiful. Crying along to Two headed boy has become a weekly occurrence. Jeff's vocals are so emotional and powerful.

The track The Fool acts as an amazing Transition to the Folk Rock masterpiece Holland, 1945. the amalgamation of all of the Tracks strong suit show all of their beautiful colors. I just Fucking love this album truthfully. the production feels like a weird old Thrift shop morphed into a band.

There's a damn good reason music nerds won't shut the hell up about it. It's perfect, I don't have any comments on the whole Anne Frank thing tbh. Just listen to it please. the first half at least      

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