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Goth bands recommendations

If u are interested in the goth style, the first thing you need to do (and tbh the only thing you SHOULD do) is listening to the music.

Ofc googling the history and learning about the diff subcultures would be really nice!

Let's start with Bauhaus.

Bauhaus is an english goth band, formed in Northampton, in 1978.

It's really important, since it's considered one of the founding bands of goth music.

The group is composed of Peter Murphy, Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins and David John Haskins.

The cure.

The band was formed by Robert Smith, Michael Dempsey and Laurence Andrew, 1976.

They were originally known as The easy cure.

Joy Division.

They started in Salford, 1976.

The members are: Ian Curtis, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris.

The founders are Sumner and Hook.

Sisters of Mercy.

Formed in 1980 by Andrew Eldritch, Ben Christo, Dylan Smith.

Siouxsie and the Banshees.


All the members: Siouxsie Sioux, Steven Severin, Marco Pirroni, Sid Vicious, Budgie, Robert Smith, John McGeoch, John Valentine Carruthers, Martin McCarrick, Jon Klein, Knox Chandler.

Type O Negative.

Started in 1989.

Members: Peter Steele, Kenny Hickey, Josh Silver, Sal Abruscato, Johnny Kelly.

Their music is about depression, romance and death.

Tbh one of my favs band ever!!!

She past away.

A turkish band formed in 2006 by Volkan Caner and Idris Akbulut.

Last: London After Midnight.

They started in California, in 1990.

All the members: John Koviak, Janus, William Skye, Stacy, Douglas Avery, Sean Brennan, Tamlyn, Randy Mathias, Joe S., Eddie Hawkins.

That's all for now. I really hope you found this helpful! :)

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