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MySpace About Me Survey

nickname::Whatever you can come up with ;D
how old are you::18
zodiac sign::Libra, Monkey for Chinese zodiacs
current location::your walls.
eye color::Void brown.
hair color::PINK!!!!!
hair type::Thick.
hieght::171cm, 5'7ft
your heritage::50% Viking, 50% Celtic, 100% BRITISH!!!!!!!
what's your middle name::Rose, bleh
shoe's you wore today::No shoes! Dogs out!
your weakness::my brain.
your fear::Growing up/getting older
have you ever ridden a mechanical bull::I don't think so?
do you want to::Scary
goal you would like to achieve this year::Friends! Work! ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!!
first thought when you wake up::"mmghgjph"
best physical feature::I have very long thumbs and they scare people
who is your bestest freind::boyfeirne
when is your bedtime::later than it should be. way later.
your most cherished memory::boyfrenr
pepsi or coke::I despise them both.
mc dondalds or burgerking::mdmdonac mcmcmmmmcdonadl bugrer
singel or group dates::Like double dates? No spank u, single
what is the last song you sang::Yeowling along to my cat
does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive::No, I'm attracted to your  funny instrument not you.
what is your biggest pet peeve::Lying
do you drink::I have a liver disorder...
ever been drunk::L-liver disorder
do you smoke::No!!! Yucky!!!!!
do you "SMOKE"::...I'll hit a bong or two...
do you sing::I'd rather not!
what color underwear do you have on::stripey, weirdo.
do you want to go to college::Yeeeeeeeees give me that degree baby!!!!!
have you ever been in love::bofyerndn.
do you wnat to get married::booYFERHEND
do you believe in yourself::n-not really.. :,)
do you believe inothers::Nnno, i am not the most trusting...
do you like thunderstorms::Froth..yes,..
do you play an instrument::I can kinda play the piano and jaw harp...but I'm better at digital tunes
what do you want to be when you grow up::animator/illustrator :3
what country would you like to visit::Not to sound like a weeb but I really wanna go to Japan
how many CD's do you own::I have no idea, use to own a lot
how many DVD's do you own::^
how many tattoo's do you have::None, probably never will.
how many piercings do yo have::None, yuk! Not for me
how many things in the past do you regret::A good handful
shoes::Vans? I dunno
radio station::Inbetween frequencies where its nothing but static
place::A big open space I can explore..
song::Hm.. Mr Blue Sky for nostalgia reasons
color::Green! Also black, pink and teal :D somtimes a nice yolk yellow too

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