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name: Caleb

nickname: Stinky, baby, freak, freak city, *cough cough* daddy     

how old are you: 21       

zodiac sign: Gemini   

current location: Home       

eye color: Brown      

hair color: Currently blonde, green and red     

hair type: Curly      

height: 5'9 ish

your heritage: Italian and English

what's your middle name: God    

shoe's you wore today: Boots        

your weakness: My girlfriend         

your fear: i guess in my ripe old age, death      

have you ever ridden a mechanical bull: yes      

do you want to: sure        

goal you would like to achieve this year: working out     

first thought when you wake up: i gotta pee     

best physical feature: my hands

who is your bestest friend: my girlfriend   

when is your bedtime: whenever i fall asleep          

your most cherished memory: when my girlfriend and i went to our first concert together aka the MCR concert and the world is ugly started playing and i just stared at her the whole time knowing she means everything to me         

pepsi or coke: Coke

mc dondalds or burgerking: MCDONALD'S

single or group dates: Single

what is the last song you sang: Heat waves         

does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive: no not really    

what is your biggest pet peeve: people eating       

do you drink: occasionally  

ever been drunk: yes      

do you smoke: no

do you "SMOKE": sometimes      

do you sing: not really  

what color underwear do you have on: blue       

do you want to go to college: im in university

have you ever been in love: yes 

do you want to get married: yes

do you believe in yourself: not really    

do you believe in others: yes       

do you like thunderstorms: no  

do you play an instrument: somewhat  

what do you want to be when you grow up: i am grown

what country would you like to visit: japan

how many CD's do you own: oh god idk

how many DVD's do you own: in my possession 0 but at my parents house many         

how many tattoo's do you have: 0      

how many piercings do yo have: 1(both lobes)      

how many things in the past do you regret: many


shoes: demonia

radio station: god this is dating me but probably 102.5

drink: coffee 

car: stingray (corvette)    

place: home

song: right now life of the party - the weeknd 

movie: megamind

moment: same as most cherished       

color: green 

meal: when my girlfriend makes soup 


favorite eye color: hazel/green    

favorite hair color: any    

short or long hair: doesn't matter     

height: she just has to be shorter than me

body type: whatever     

does ethnicity matter: no          

piercings: NOSE PIERCING       

tattoos: yes         


do you think you are attractive: yeah       

are you attracted to someone who does not know it: no        

would you like to be someones fantasy: hopefully already am      

hunter or hunted: hunter     

do you kiss with your eyes closed or open: closed im not fucked up 

a little or a lot of tongue: a little      

older or younger: same age      

lights on/lights off or candle light: on   

do you like to cuddle after: yes  

do you like to cuddle in general: yes      


what is todays date: jan 28, 2023 

what time is it: 2:10 a.m.          

who are you thinking of: my girlfriend      

what are you listening to: nothing     

do you love someone: yes

do you know where your mechanical bull is: pffft

does someone love you: yes       

is it raining: no   

how many myspace friends do you have: none     

are you happy: yeah i think so          

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whoaaaaaa so sweet ;-;

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