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LGBTQ Survey

Taken from: @psychoticdiary

1. Are you questioning still?

Recently, yes. I have always been so sure that I'm bi, but I've recently started to wonder if I'm just a lesbian. I have a bf that I'm very in love with though, so I don't think I am.

2. Are you in the closet?

No, I came out by accident.

3. Do you live in a transphobic and/or homophobic household?


4. Do you have any lgbtqia+ friends?

Almost all of them lmao

5. Are you cisgender?


6. If you’re comfortable with saying what’s your sexuality?

Bisexual I think, I prefer women though

7. If you’re comfortable saying what’s your gender?

Cis female

8. What are your pronouns?

She/her, but I don't mind they/them

9. Have you heard verbatim by mother mother?

Yes <333

10. Do you like rainbows?

They're aight

11. Any favorite lgbtqia+ musicians and/or band?


12. Are you out to anybody?

Basically everyone.

13. Do you like frogs (not related but still)?

I do 🥺

14. Have you ever cried to a Cavetown song?

No, don't even listen to them

15. Do you understand gay humor?

idek what that means

16. When did you realize you were lgbtqia+?

I was watching the live action Scooby Doo movie when I was like five. I had a crush on the cartoon Shaggy and Velma was my favorite character but I didn't have a crush on her, I just thought she was cool and I loved how smart she is. So then I watched the live action movie and I saw Matthew Lillard as Shaggy and I thought "heyy 😏" but I saw Velma and I though "Hey 😳" Something fruity was awakened.

17. Do you want a platonic partner?


18. Are you aroace?


19. Have you ever been misgendered?


20. Are you amazing? (Cause you really are trust me)

Who me? Nah, I'm just a worm 

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