The Purpose and Goals Of My Art

 Now you might see a "trend" my art

 five easy hot dogs

It's lewd and sexual. But it seems a little weird(to certain people) cause of the fact I am gay. Why would a gay man draw sexually charged images of girls?

My drawings are my form of feminine expression. Being in Texas, feminine expression as a male is something you can't really do without massive hate. (and is becoming progressively illegal) and it seems to be the only way I can express myself. without anyone really thinking much of it 

I don't want the girl. I just want to be her. the hair, the outfits, the makeup. I fufing love all of it. under represented traits in female centric art. traits like stretchmarks, fat, eye bags, body hair. It's my big middle finger twords what female centric works had been for a long time. I could never represent myself with "perfect model". and represent the true imperfections of the female figure

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