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Cancelled and other stuff

OK so my therapy appointment was cancelled and I made a list of stuff I need to talk about because I'm loosing my marbles (mind) here. There should be sub therapists, like teachers.

Also I got into a debate with some people on tumblr cause i was talking about how transgender people are mtf and ftm etc cause that's sex and not gender so the right terms would be gtb or wtm and btg or mtw. I guess i forgot to add the wtm and mtw so some people said I was infantalizing them which is NOT the goal, the goal is to separate sex (male, female, intersex etc) from gender (man/boy, girl/woman, non binary, genderqueer etc).

I finished this book called Good Girls Bad Blood and that shit hurt. When they started talking about the Brunswick case that was so sad cause I agree that he was 10 so he was just a child and didn't fully understand and was put up to it by his dad but I know I would be uncomfortable around someone involved in something like that. Anyway, definitely recommend!

I started Stranger Things 4 and so far I'm 2 episodes in, gonna watch the 3rd tonight but my god- I don't know how to feel. All I know is that the whole Chrissy situation with her issues cut a bit too deep for me.

And I watched the last Hunger Games movie and I cried and I mean cried. I read the books a few years ago but the ending and the situation with Prim. Katniss went through shit even if she is just fictional she didn't deserve that, it made one hell of a story though.

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