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Captain's Log

I have been wanting for a long time to start a blog I can say honestly that I have been through so many things myself structuring my mind a certain type of way trying to make new schedules and trying to just do so many things because I am a self improvement Junkie maybe I'm a self-improvement addict.

I feel as if I am on the path of meeting my goals this year has been many confirmations of me meeting my goals and I will not delve into the details because this log is public.

The keynote here would be getting my education, getting my business off the ground, finding ways to reach people who truly want my ministerial services as an interfaith minister while being the best mother that I can be to my only son.

I can admit there has been many internal struggles but I am not as simple as people think I am the complexities of the things that go on in my mind I cannot put into words. For some people they might describe their minds as a place that they wouldn't even want to enter with a flashlight and some people describe their minds as a palace.

During these turbulent times like many people our mind palaces maybe under construction, being renovated, could be rebuilt from the ground up some of us are even scrapping an old mindsets and shifting into a new paradigm completely.

Me personally I am on a journey and while I am on this journey I know that I will be doing the things that I need to do that is best for me doing what's best for me isn't always doing what's best for others because there are others who may not have my best interests at heart and also maybe doing things that are negative to me which is why this may not be what's best for others.

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