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daily life #11

/ 26 January 2023 /


    hi all, ubering back home always makes me so sleepy since its a moderately far ride. i went back to my home-home today to spend the weekend here rather than being in the apartment with the demonic snare that is fake housemate X. anyways, i got a new pair of headphones a few weeks ago that i just opened today (becuz i wasn't here, i was at the apartment) and the wire of the audio jack is messed up, so the audio sounds muffled T_T... will prolly refund/request a replacement.

    lastly, i might get fries for dinner (with stuff on it) O_O


    i hope the format is good so far. i'm still thinking about how to improve it regarding spacing and alignment, etc., as well as improving my signature--maybe i should write something more memorable // :P

that is all


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