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harmonious state of mind

march 17th, 2022

days end earlier, i'd love have a time off

vintage sounds, wet streets but pearly skies

sad stares all the way home, we're running on ice

the walls are frozen, so i can't hold onto anything

but i born to walk alone, i'll die young and blue

i left that street

walking down the avenue, passing by the fancy hoteles

the sun on my face, the breeze's hot

i can see the sea and the ships from afar 

gettin' closer, i can see the people swimming in the waves

green trees and navy skirt

i'm feeling empty and anxious, i need a man to hold me

baby, safe my life, take me out the dark

i wanna be your dream girl

life makes sense when i'm with you

loving you can't be wrong, love's our salvation 

don't you give up on your glory

i want more, we were born to be free

i get crazy for it all the time

i don't need that, i've got much more than that

my senses are heightened

life is like a vintage short film

the crescent moon tells me so

the hellhole, the furious wind

high saturation and slow moments 

and i'm so in love with the city 

the gold-plated walls look so magnificent

the great mansions, the elegant and immense cathedral

harmonious environment, living like it's meant to be

slowly i feel the notes rumble through my body

the cry's stuck in my throat, my eyes are heavy as lead

i'm dreaming of something ethereal, but i'm wide awake 

hope's creeping from afar

lately i've been thinking in future time

maybe if i wasn't so anxious i could unveil myself

what it's over it's burning in my skin

i've been through some bad shit, still a believer but i don't know of what 

i don't know where i'm going with this

yet i'm grateful to god for letting me be in the same world as my baby

bluebells in the celestial view 

swinging in the wind

a little crystal castle fighting for her art

her reign's fragile but more fragile is her soul

the labyrinth's infinite and i'm running wild

fireworks blew up in the sky, i wonder if you're also capable of seeing them

i jumped into the ocean with the lights reflecting in my eyes

with the time and pain i understood

i'm not someone meant to die, my soul's undying

hot eden, soul of ice, the sun's shaking 

but if someday i'm gone

find me in her songs and poems

please give me a lot of flowers

but only in blue, white, red and black

pray and curse for the day i was born

write me infinite letters, and lie down beside me in the deserted nights

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