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January 26, 2022 

I think the hardest thing about starting over in relationships is learning new boundaries and letting yourself be vulnerable again. In today's world being vulnerable towards a partner or just anyone in general seems to be a unspoken and uncared for commodity where even celebrities or billionaires can't pay for it. So much has been sacrificed humanly by people of the lower class and making fast cash has turned people into fame monsters and no one is surprised anymore how far things will go. Looking at trending topics such as:Christean Rock &Blueface, Kendall Jenner and Florida giving out Nursing license for almost $15K/pop during this financial and healthcare crisis is sending me in a bad way. I wish people could just have a little shame and integrity in what they do but seemingly the root of it all seems to be everybody's pockets getting lighter and people growing more desperate to keep of with life's basic necessities in general.I can understand some things but putting yourself out there like that isn't even worth the dollar at the end of day and I'm tired of people making it go viral or seem like it should be a new norm in society. 


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