Rise of Alternative Search Engines & the Parallel Economy

Google is the most widely used search engine in the world, but a growing number of individuals are turning to alternatives such as Presearch for more freedom and privacy online. One of the main reasons for this shift is the censorship that is prevalent on Google. Google has been known to censor certain terms and websites that it deems to be inappropriate or offensive, according to the woke narrative. This censorship can include topics related to freedom, privacy, and even alternative news sources. For those who value their right to access information and express their opinions freely, this censorship is unacceptable.

Another reason people are turning to alternative search engines is that they are becoming more aware of the parallel economy that is emerging online. This parallel economy is made up of companies and individuals who are offering products and services that are not controlled or influenced by the major tech giants like Google. By using alternative search engines, people are able to access this parallel economy and support businesses that align with their values.

Some popular alternative search engines include Presearch, which is by far my favourite, DuckDuckGo and StartPage. These search engines prioritize user privacy and do not track or collect personal data. They also have a built-in ad-blocker and have a strict no-logging policy. Presearch is another search engine that operates on the blockchain technology, it aims to provide a more private and transparent search experience for users and hasn't succumbed to the woke ideology and censorship.

DuckDuckGo used to be a favourite search engine of mine, but it became woke. On the other hand, Startpage is based on Google's database but it is still considered useful in some circumstances. YouTube is also included in the list of search engines, but it is advised to limit the interaction with the platform. Tic Tok is considered an abomination to the Internet and I don't use it at all. Google is the last search engine that I would ever consider using.

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Jacob Persico

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Have you heard of Searx? A popular meta search engine. I have never heard of Presearch. Regarding DuckDuckGo I don't think it is really that bad that they are down-ranking Russian propaganda. What the Russians are doing to Ukraine is horrible! Invading there land, destroying there land and murdering there people.

I tend to find Startpage results the most helpful. And I try to avoid using Google.

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THE ▌ᴀᴛҠӀИԌ▐ OF SPACEHEY's profile picture

>DuckDuckGo used to be a favourite search engine of mine, but it became woke.
thanks for telling us where to stop reading

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You're welcome, wokey.

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