I love him so much

Just spent a whole night in VR Chat with my boyfriend and another friend of mine. I love nights like these where everything fades away and we just enjoy the company of one another, talking about whatever and making jokes.

I just… I just love my boyfriend so much. We complete each other perfectly in nearly every way, he always makes me feel so loved and appreciated. I know you’re reading this, honey. I can’t wait until you come to see me next summer. I miss the long nights spent in your arms, the stupid video games we play, and especially the way you make me laugh until my eyes are filled with joyful tears. I miss it all.

Much love to you, and the rest of SpaceHey that might read this far. Gushing over. It is now past 2AM. Goodnight~

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Hah Gay and it's THIS summer ya dorkus house/animal sitting duties gonna get me up there!(along with job but that's obvious)

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I can’t wait, love. Now to get a job myself hehe.

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