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Started listening to vkei like two months ago

I've started digging into the rabbit hole of vkei ^_^. I started off with Buck-tick or more realistically with Atsushi Sakurai. I definetely still like them but I don't think I'd consider them in my top 3

my current top 3 are

1. Versailles. Kamijo is such a charismatic frontman. To me they're all arounders, 

they've got vocals, instrumental, and visuals all in the bag!! ☆彡

2. Malice Mizer. I'c clearly a tanbi fan. I just find their visuals so super good!!! <3

3. Mejibray. I haven't watched Mejibray so I can't really say anything about their visuals ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. but I love their instrumentals but especially the vocals.

I feel like these are pretty surface level bands from what I understand so I'm sure this will change the more I learn! 

But also, there's nothing wrong with liking the more well known bands in the genres you like.

I'm open to more band recs!!!

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Finally someone else who loves vkei!! Buck-Tick is my fav band, I listen to them religiously.
I used to listen to Malice Mizer a lot but I don't much anymore, still love their music and visuals though.
Trying to get more into Versailles atm but I just cant stop listening to Buck-Tick, recently ordered a limited edition white vinyl of their new album hehe

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levi!! >_<

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omg omg!! love v-kei <33

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It's def becoming one of my favs (^▽^)

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